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Helping parents to help their children with MATHS. 

Brilliant. I now understand what my children are doing!
— Julia, November 2018


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Supporting you and your child to understand and love maths.


Find Maths homework a challenge?

Are you a parent that finds your child's maths homework a challenge? You don't understand it, you are worried you'll do things in the wrong way, your child is anxious but you can't give them confidence as you are anxious too? This is not an unusual situation to be in. You are not alone. We can help you.


Know how to but can't explain it?

Are you that parent who prides themselves at being good at maths? You even have an A-level in maths. Surely you can help your child with their maths homework? No? Is it because they do things differently today and you don't want to confuse your child or teach them the wrong way? You are not alone. We can help you.


Want to help your child achieve? 

Are you the parent who pays for a maths tutor to help your child? Or would love to get a maths tutor but can't afford it? You buy the 'self help' books but never actually read them? You are looking for a way to help your child succeed with maths that works and doesn't cost the earth? You are not alone. We can help you.


Want all your children to achieve?

Are you a teacher or head of a school who needs to improve the level of maths attainment across the school? Looking for a way to engage and educate parents on how they can help with their child's maths homework? Want a strategy that doesn't cost the earth? You are not alone. We can help you.


The Maths Mum is here to help.

The Maths Mum is here to help you to help your child. We want to make maths fun and not scary to either you the parent or your child. A confident, capable and engaging parent will ultimately lead to a confident, capable and engaged child. We can help you.  


I did not really know what to expect and was kind of dreading the thought of going back to school to learn maths...! I could not have been further from the actual experience. Maths Mum brought me up to date with how my daughter is taught, showed me ways I can help and interact with her and gave me the understanding to know what she is learning and why. Having not set foot in a maths class for over 30 years, I feel that this was invaluable in understanding how times and teaching methods have changed since I was a kid. I will be going back for another session and highly recommend that any parent wishing to help their children with maths should attend. The cup of tea, conversation and biscuits were a great added bonus. Thank you.
— Justin, October 2018
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